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Corkz Rubber Belt
Origin: Shanghai, China
Material: Corkz Rubber
Standard: Yes
Samples: Yes & Free
Delivery: 7-15 days
Service: Life-long
Custom: Yes
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Corkz Rubber Belt

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Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber Belt has some usual names:

Rough surface, rough surface rubber, wrapped roll belt, rough surface rubber, thorn skin, grain surface rubber, grain surface rubber, coated roll skin, roll wrapper, granule strip, granule peel, grain strip, grain dough, rough skin, Rolla leather, anti-slip belt, non-slip belt.

The surface of Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber Belt is made of rubber and cork, so it can own the outstanding anti-slip effect, and with a certain thickness, it becomes enduring durability. Because of its surface like the sesame, it is also commonly known as sesame belt. The reverse side of the Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber Belt is coated with a special pressure-sensitive adhesive that adheres the belt firmly to the rollers of machine.

Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber is used to increase the friction coefficient. Often used in different processes in the textile industry, textile traction, such as the use in a variety of jets, jet, rapier, films and other shuttle loom and inspection machine, dyeing and finishing equipment, cloth roller and paper equipment.

We can produce many different surface patterns, the fabric material can be used for various types of traction, oil proof, high temperature, high flexibility, no distortion, no elongation, no peeling, strong and durable.

Features of Our Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber Belt:

  • New high-efficiency expansion belt.

  • Somit, Picanol and other shuttle velvet of rapier machine.

  • Film shuttle, water spray, jet, rapier machine with warped rubber.

  • Warp knitting machine, printing and dyeing machine, fluff machine with black flannel.

  • Slitting machine.

Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber Belt is mainly applied on the guide roller of slitting machine and complex machine, which need touch the materials. When the slitting machine and complex machine is easily scratched by the burrs on the roller during high-speed operation, so operator wraps the Roll Wrapping Corkz Rubber Belt, play the role of anti-drawing, and also can comprehensively improve the quality of products, protect your equipment perfectly.

The operator should spirally wrap the belt on the conveyor roller, stick with adhesive strongly, then fix the head with a clip or screw, easy to operate.

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