Product Detail
Teflon Belt
Origin: Shanghai, China
Material: Chemours
Standard: Yes
Samples: Yes & Free
Delivery: 15-25 days
Service: Life-long
Custom: Yes
Technical Index

Teflon Belt also called PTFE Belt.

It is a high-molecular-weight compound consist of only Carbon and Fluorine. It is hydrophobic: neither water nor water-containing substances wet PTFE, as fluorocarbons demonstrate mitigated dispersion forces because of high electromagnetically of fluorine. Compared to any solid, PTFE has the lowest coefficients.

With these characteristics, PTFE can be used a lot for nonstick coating on fiberglass, metal, plastics and other substances.

With super nonstick surface and high temperature industry, Teflon Belt finds its big application in the packing industry.

For packing bag sealing process as an example, when hot-sealing opp bags, we need PTFE belt to resist temperature and also prevent plastics sticks on the metal.

Teflon belt are highly need by other industries which involves temperature within 360 degrees.

Teflon belt is made of PTFE coated glass fiber fabrics, which has super nonstick surface and high temperature resistance