Product Detail
Double Fabric White PU Conveyor Belt 1.2mm
Origin: Shanghai, China
Material: PU
Standard: Yes
Samples: Yes & Free
Delivery: 15-25 days
Service: Life-long
Custom: Yes
Technical Index

EXQUISITE  INTL all the time insist on selecting durable polyester fabric as the core  and environmental new PVC as material as well as special unique

formulations, thus makes the belt work life plus 5%-15%, it is outstandingly reducing the user's cost and increase the productivity rate 10%-20%,

guarantee user's  projects. Durable performance in the food, tyre, etc.


*anti-oil  anti-grease          *moisture proof  *low extension          *anti-corrosion  *Non-toxic, non-odorless
*high tensile strength        *anti  high and low temperature          *strong bonded, no shedding

BELT Structure

No. of Ply:2Minimum Pulley Diameters
Fabric Features

2 ply fabric, 2 ply pvc

Positive Operation:  50mm
Top SurfacePUReverse Operation:  60mm

-Thickness0.4 mmConveyor Frame Characteristics
-Hardness72 Shore ATrundle BedYes
SurfaceQ StrucMetal GrooveYes
Bottom Surface


Plate Roller to SupportYes
Total Thickness1.2 mmInverted Wheel to SupportNo
Weight1.2 kg/㎡Special Mixed Inverted Wheel GrooveNo
Anti-staticYesReverse SlideYes
Maximum width3500mm

Belt Strength
Joint Methods
fracture  tension: 220 daN / cmhot Melt: FOF
recommended  maximum working tension: 10 daN / cmbuckle: K1 B2/Z or Inox
working tension under extension rate of 1%: 8 daN / cm

Operating  Temperature: -20℃ to 80℃Bottom Cover Friction Coefficient
temperature± 30% influenced by working time,
weight of material, different factors in the environment
Stainless steel, surface: 0.24
Stainless steel, semi-glossy:  0.24
Stainless steel, heat  lamination surface: 0.25
Scroll Plate: 0.23

Glossy plastic board: 0.28

                                                                                       Special Executions

The  test data under the environment: + 25 ℃, 70% relative humidity. And in other  circumstances,  the data are subject to change,

EXQUISITE INTL does not specify more.