New Production Line in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, China, 20 Dec, 2021.On the year of 2022, we will introduce the advanced extrusion production l...

Beijing EXQUISITE International Development Co., Ltd se estableció en 2005 y se encuentra en Daxing CBD, Beijing, la capital de P. R. China, rodeada por el tráfico conveniente y los pr...

Conveyor Belt Loading Delivery, Display.

Recently we have uploaded many videos about our conveyor belts and more info, pls do not miss to visit our Youtube!

High Credit Conveyor Belt China Beijing Manufacturer Expert Beijing EXQUISITE International Development Co., Ltd

Beijing EXQUISITE International Development Co., Ltd, official Tiktok.

The price of materials is unstable this year 2022, it leads our price of conveyor belts higher or lower…We hope every friend coul...

There are so many suppliers of rubber conveyor belts China, famous listed company, or 15 years experiences, some are not very creditable, if you buy the w...

The new crown virus epidemic in Beijing will repeat again, our daily work and production progress will be restricted. Hey, when will the epidemic...

TBR Tsinghua Business Review, ideas lead to change, is wonderful, shares 7 points to receive the continuous success, “20 Mile March!”

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