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Beyond 10 Years

EXQUISITE INTERNATIONAL was established on 2005, we have accumulated many belting experiences, successfully solve

kinds of problems during the belt running, design the special conveyor belt for customer’s projects, widely used into kinds of

industries, export 30 countries and regions, build the fine reputation in North China.

Excellent Quality

Quality is our foundation, service is our promise.

Our Product series are relatively complete, kinds of specification. Our experts have worked for more than 10 years and special contributions in the fields of scientific research management, mechanical design and manufacturing, electrical and automation control, polymer chemistry, chemical materials and applied chemistry.

Three "EXQUISITE" is our belief: exquisite customization, exquisite quality and exquisite service.

Futuristic Innovation

We own the mature coating process and rolling process, master the series of products modified and many formulations,

the manufacturing process temperature, tension and other process parameters, so conveyor belts have the longer service life.

Outstanding Design

Flexible design and develop the belt structure and chemical capacity, make the belt better for your project, improve the life of belt,

greatly save cost.

Professional Service Team

Free technical support for life long, 7*24H service.

Friendly, professional, effective, understand buyer's habits and standards, excellent foreign languages and international trade,

help buyers better save the cost. Many employees graduate directly from famous universities in Beijng, China.