Conveyor Belt in Tobacco Industry

EXQUISITE INTL has been in the closecooperation with the tobacco manufacturers, dedicate to the high-quality products and good service, accumulate the richexperience in conveyor belt applications. Whether it is tobacco leaf processing,or tobacco scrap processing(production, plus incense, storage), EXQUISITE INTL can provide customers withthe right products by the field device environment, product temperature,product weight, working time and other factors, select and configure the appropriatematerials and conveyor belts properly, thus they are the key technical measuresto ensure the stable operation of the equipment, and can excellently protectthe production quality.

EXQUISITE INTL conveyor belts for tobacco,widely participate in each step of the project in tobacco production line,receive the praise of users.

Tobacco conveyor belts need to prevent the leakageof material during transport, on the conveyor stage there need the cleat conveyorbelt which is constituted by the surface of PE material and the bottom of specialsynthetic wool fiber; thus the tobacco conveyor belts owns the certainelasticity and soft surface, more effective anti dust, anti debris, and tobaccosmalls overflow. EXQUISITE INTL conveyor belts has the outstanding technicalperformance of a smooth surface, non-stick material, easy to clean, widely usedin the tobacco production line of material handling machines.